Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Rainy Day

Meat Store

Meat Store


Gale Rainwater 3 January 2008 at 16:13  

these three are my favorite

Kala 3 January 2008 at 16:50  

Hi there
I like those behind the window rain shots - very kewl looking! Just wanted to wish you a happy new year! =)

Jilly 3 January 2008 at 23:53  

These are super shots. In two, if I didn't know you lived in England, I might think they'd been taken in America. So much atmosphere in the shots.

David Bowman 4 January 2008 at 07:46  

Well spotted...
These shots were taken in the states. I am traveling at the moment.

I will be adding more shots shortly.
thanks for your comments.

Photo–Smith 4 January 2008 at 12:55  

The US looks colder than here (UK) I like you 'meat store' shot, and also the rainwater which reminds me of a shot I did many years ago.
Happy new year
PS how are you converting your digital B&W? I am right that its digital ;-)

David Bowman 4 January 2008 at 16:25  

Yes, I use photoshop.

Chick 14 January 2008 at 09:22  

oh my gosh I LOVE this image. love love love it. if I had two pennies right now after the holidays I would try and buy it from you right this second

GREAT shot. love the chicken in the meat store

MARCO PIERSMA 29 June 2008 at 10:05  

Wow! rainy day is my favorite photograph on your blog.
Soo beautiful!